The theocratic character of a Moslem State facilitates

The theocratic character of a Moslem State facilitates, actually, the incorporation of varied races within the similar social and political system, seeing that every one distinctions between males are obliterated by group throughout the faith of Islam. And it’s spectacular to see how fastidiously the Mohammedan world, though not free from sects, is knit collectively by spiritual principle, and the way in which strongly it cherishes the brotherhood of believers. In it, not in thought solely however moreover in apply, the black man and the white man are fellow-citizens and of the similar household. Nonetheless alternatively, as a result of its theocratic construction, it’s inconceivable for a Moslem State to easily settle for reforms which search to protected equality of rights amongst its subjects, on the underside of a regular humanity.

Nothing is further in opposition to the deepest convictions of an actual Moslem

Nothing is further in opposition to the deepest convictions of an actual Moslem than the idea males of a definite faith from his private could possibly be his equals. There isn’t anyone who could possibly be further nicely mannered than a Turk; no person who can take care of you in a friendlier and flattering technique than he. However people who’ve acknowledged him successfully, nay, who’ve cherished him, testify that even throughout the relation of private friendship they’ve not at all felt Turk had given them his complete self, nonetheless was a pal with reservations that will lead him to behave in the direction of you in in all probability probably the most unfriendly technique. His religion confers on him an inaccessible superiority, from which he cannot descend with out turning right into a faithless son of Islam. His pursuits are superior to those of an infidel. He’s a non secular aristocrat, and no patrician of earlier or of modem days has resisted the requires of plebeians or commoners for equality further obstinately or strenuously than a Moslem opposes the pretensions of unbelievers to be positioned on a parity with him. Inside the case of the patrician, it was a matter of pleasure; with the Moslem, it’s a case of conscience. Though it may seem a small matter, it’s a significant fact Turk can need the salutation of peace solely to a fellow-Moslem, and that throughout the alternate of courtesies with people not of his faith he expects to be saluted first. Reasonably than admit equality in any precise and absolute sense, it’ll seem as if the wreck of the Empire have been hottest—“reliable unto demise.”




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