The archery parties of the Sultan

There may be a lot etiquette noticed within the archery events of the Sultan. First Hies the arrow of Mahmoud himself, as he stands on the proper of a line of Pashas and Beys, who’ve been formally invited to partake of the game; and instantly off begin half a dozen of the pages of the family to recuperate the missive, and to mark the spot the place it falls. These functionaries, who endeavour to out-speed one another, and to safe the prize which, on the event of an extended shot than normal, they’re certain to obtain from their sovereign, run with their heads near the earth, and customarily contrive to select up the arrow with out checking their pace, and to hold it on for a long way earlier than they have an effect on to seek out it, after they proclaim their success with a shrill cry; and the measurement of the bottom takes place without delay, the place the shot is taken into account sufficiently exceptional to warrant the ceremony.

The very “ lengthy bow,” which we now have cited to have been drawn by the Sultan on the glad event when the area over which his arrow had travelled was declared to be 300 yards, is claimed to have been the frolic of a sportive and daring web page, who, having gathered it up at an inexpensive distance, ran on till he had a imaginative and prescient of detection, when he stopped, unquestioned if not unsuspected, and without delay established the celebrity of his Imperial grasp as the primary Toxopliolite in Europe.

AVhen the Sultan has ascertained his success, every of his courtly companions shoots in flip; however it’s virtually pointless to comment, that their arrows all the time fall in need of the mark : whereas, regardless of the diplomatic frauds of time-serving dependants, it’s equally sure that there are few archers both so skilful or so swish because the Emperor of Turkey.


A wealthy confusion type’d a disarray In such kind, that the attention alongside it forged Might hardly carry any factor avay,

Object on object flashed so brilliant and quick:

A stunning mass of gems, and gold, and glitter, Magnificently mingled in a litter.”

THE celebrated Serai Bournou, occupying the obtuse level of the triangle on which Constantinople is constructed, boasts, as maybe its best peculiarity, that it was as soon as in itself a metropolis. The traditional Byzantium was based within the yr A. C. 660, by a Lacedemonian colony ; and a portion of the unique partitions are literally standing at today, and nonetheless serve to separate the palace gardens from the general public avenue. The mouldering however strong masonry which now girdles the Imperial residence of the Caliphs, as soon as belted a metropolis; and the groves and alleys which can be to-day scantily traversed by slaves, eunuchs, and ladies, have been in instances of outdated thickly peopled with an lively, busy, and enterprising inhabitants.



The city of Constantinople

The partitions of Constantinople

The partitions of Constantinople are fraught with attention-grabbing recollections. To the historian they inform of the various fortunes of a mighty empire; to the antiquary, of the noblest days of Roman artwork; and to the soldier, of the daring and heroic deeds of a race lengthy gone, however dwelling nonetheless within the web page of custom; whereas, to the traveller and the person of style, they provide scenes of picturesque magnificence, various at each level of his pilgrimage; and presenting a succession of landscape- views which defy alike the outline of the vacationer, and the pencil of the painter.

Town of Constantinople

Town of Constantinople occupies a triangular promontory above the Propontis, and it has been strongly fortified on all sides, as properly these that are washed by the ocean, as on that which is the bottom of the triangle, and connects it with the principle land. The partitions prolong twelve miles, sweeping from sea to sea, operating alongside the entire size of the harbour, restraining the billows of the ocean of Marmora, and terminating within the celebrated fortress of the Seven Towers. They’re each the place ruinous, and in a number of locations so totally dilapidated as to be wholly ineffective for the needs of defence ; their reparation being a herculean undertaking at current unmeditated by the Turks, and possibly by no means to be achieved.

At some factors the inspiration of the partitions is shaped by large lots of rock, a species of structure nonetheless to be traced in a number of of essentially the most historic Grecian buildings, and previously termed Cyclopaean; and fabulously asserted to be the work of giants, owing to tire huge dimension and weight of the stones employed. In different spots, notably on the aspect of Marmora, the masonry commences usually from the very fringe of the water; and the place the motion of the waves has displaced the unique materials, piles of damaged shafts of essentially the most lovely proportions, hewn into fragments, have, in countless situations, been substituted to forestall the ingress of the water to the gardens and kiosques by which the shore is fringed. The antiquarian treasures thus recklessly lavished the place baser materials would have sufficed, are mentioned to be past value; and plenty of a sculptured capital and graven stone could also be detected because the caiques slowly glide alongside over the glittering ripple, which render the traveller prepared to consider and to mourn over the very fact. Permission has in a number of situations been sought by strangers to take away a few of these tempting reliques, however it has at all times been coldly and resolutely denied.


Circular analies

Mingled amongst these slippers might also be seen a variety of round analies, or hand-mirrors, with quick handles, mounted in gold or silver embroidery, and ceaselessly enriched with seed pearls. These fairly toys are indispensable to the Turkish women, as they’re the companions, not solely of their bogs however of their voyages up and down the Bosphorus, the place, reclining on their cushions, they restore, because the swift caique shoots alongside, the disarray which the sharp sea-breezes create within the folds of their snowy veils and ample mantles.

However decidedly probably the most glittering road within the Tcharchi, is that appropriated to the embroiderers; the place silks, stiff with probably the most elaborate needle-work, wrought in gold and silver threads; virtually impalpable muslin, homosexual with clusters of bright-coloured silken flowers; tobacco luggage of cachemirc, which seem to have value the maker years of labour; and expensive scarfs from Persia, with golden borders shaped of verses from the Koran, or love-ballads from Hafiz, are to be seen on all sides. All of the embroidery wrought in Constantinople, with only a few exceptions, is the work of the Armenian ladies, who, secluded much more strictly than the honest Turks inside the recesses of the harem, emulate their thrifty and pains-taking husbands in tbeir untiring business; however a lot of the costliest, significantly that which is labored on cacheinire, is imported from Persia.

The Fruit Bazar stands near the water’s edge, and abounds with dried fruits of each description—figs and dates from Smyrna; raisins, plums, the small candy currant of Corinth, and each different selection able to preservation ; the one inconsistency being the sale of cheese, and Russian butter, packed in calf-skins, and most disagreeable in look, among the many extra enticing articles already enumerated.

Sample and texture

The Broussa silks occupy a really appreciable road, because the produce of the celebrated looms of that metropolis is vastly esteemed by the Turks, each for sample and texture. The staple commerce of the traditional capital of Bithynia being uncooked silk, two-thirds of the homes are colonized by the “ spinning-worm ;” and the silk is consequently utilized by the weavers with a profusion which renders the standard of the manufacture so strong, that many people have been deluded into the idea that it was blended with cotton—a cloth which is to them way more costly and diflicult of entry. The colors are seldom shiny; for the waters about Broussa arc so extremely mineralized, as to uninteresting the silk very materially within the strategy of spinning; but it surely most likely derives from the identical circumstance its uncommon energy and sturdiness. The workmen of the town are extraordinarily knowledgeable in interweaving gold and silver threads within the warp; and the silks so woven are vastly esteemed within the harems. The plainer patterns are utilized by each sexes indiscriminately; and almost the entire costume of each respectable Turk or Armenian consists of Broussa silk. The demand is therefore very nice, and the provision commensurate with it; and there are few busier localities within the Tcharchi than this. Just a few Genoa velvets and European satins could also be discovered within the bales of the retailers; however as they’re comparatively unsaleable, the Frank woman who seeks them has no alternative of being fastidious in her choice.



The theocratic character of a Moslem State facilitates

The theocratic character of a Moslem State facilitates, actually, the incorporation of varied races within the similar social and political system, seeing that every one distinctions between males are obliterated by group throughout the faith of Islam. And it’s spectacular to see how fastidiously the Mohammedan world, though not free from sects, is knit collectively by spiritual principle, and the way in which strongly it cherishes the brotherhood of believers. In it, not in thought solely however moreover in apply, the black man and the white man are fellow-citizens and of the similar household. Nonetheless alternatively, as a result of its theocratic construction, it’s inconceivable for a Moslem State to easily settle for reforms which search to protected equality of rights amongst its subjects, on the underside of a regular humanity.

Nothing is further in opposition to the deepest convictions of an actual Moslem

Nothing is further in opposition to the deepest convictions of an actual Moslem than the idea males of a definite faith from his private could possibly be his equals. There isn’t anyone who could possibly be further nicely mannered than a Turk; no person who can take care of you in a friendlier and flattering technique than he. However people who’ve acknowledged him successfully, nay, who’ve cherished him, testify that even throughout the relation of private friendship they’ve not at all felt Turk had given them his complete self, nonetheless was a pal with reservations that will lead him to behave in the direction of you in in all probability probably the most unfriendly technique. His religion confers on him an inaccessible superiority, from which he cannot descend with out turning right into a faithless son of Islam. His pursuits are superior to those of an infidel. He’s a non secular aristocrat, and no patrician of earlier or of modem days has resisted the requires of plebeians or commoners for equality further obstinately or strenuously than a Moslem opposes the pretensions of unbelievers to be positioned on a parity with him. Inside the case of the patrician, it was a matter of pleasure; with the Moslem, it’s a case of conscience. Though it may seem a small matter, it’s a significant fact Turk can need the salutation of peace solely to a fellow-Moslem, and that throughout the alternate of courtesies with people not of his faith he expects to be saluted first. Reasonably than admit equality in any precise and absolute sense, it’ll seem as if the wreck of the Empire have been hottest—“reliable unto demise.”